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Cartrefi continues to get into shape!


Shape Up for 2017 is an all-Wales health and wellbeing awareness campaign. We hope to inspire the people we support, our staff and if you are reading this...perhaps you too!  

Each month, we will be providing interesting articles, tips and signposting you to various health organisations, in a bid to support people and communities to think more positively about health and wellbeing.

If you are taking part in any activities, we would love to hear from you so that we can publicise what you do and encourage other people from your area to participate.   Meeting new people from your community and getting active can really help you feel happier and healthier. 

If you or someone you support would like to become part of our Shape Up to 2017 working group, please get in touch.


John's gardening blog 

John has just planted the leeks ready for spring and says he now needs to prepare some ground ready to plant some broad beans. He's also got some baby sprouts which are almost ready to be planted out.  The winter cabbages are coming through now and they will be ready for January.

John Sept

John also has another lot of potatoes coming through, these are winter potatoes and should be ready for Christmas. There is also some lettuce that will be ready to cut in about a week or so.  John has been picking lots of beetroot and marrows. 

So, as we move into autumn and if things have gone well in the garden, you might find you have a little  too much of some fruit and vegetables and you might want to share some of what you've grown with friends and neighbours, but you might also need to be able to store some.  Some things can be put in the freezer as John has been doing with runner beans for use throughout the winter.

In the next couple of weeks he is going to start pulling up his remaining beetroots and store them by laying them out then layering them with peat  then another layer of beetroot, then a layer of peat and so on. John says this is a good way to store them and make them last through the winter and into the spring. You can then just dig them out when you want them. 

John has some advice on how to cook and prepare a marrow. He said the skins can be very tough, so if you put it somewhere dark for up to a month the skin will soften and then you can peel the skin off easily. He said you can cook the marrow lots of different ways, boil it, use it for soups, but he said his favourite thing to do is to stuff the marrow with something like mince beef. Why not try out this recipe for Stuffed Marrow.

Need some inspiration? 

Colin from Bridgend says "It's never too old to learn".  He has never been in a sports team before but at the age of 62 he's recently joined a local football team. He has made lots of friends and said "they made me feel so welcome that I joined, they gave me a football shirt to wear and I really enjoy playing". He's even got the staff involved by practising with him at home.   

Medals, medals and more medals-  In August 2017 Linda attended the Bob Cook games for the very first time with Trinity.  Linda said "I'd never done anything like this before and I was a bit nervous before going, but my staff worked with me and encouraged me to take part".  Linda was delighted that she won 6 medals on the day and also won a shield for the highest achiever of the year!!! Massive congratulations to Linda. 


Cardiff Half - Ceri, a support worker based in Carmarthen is undertaking the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday, 1st October 2017, in order to raise money for the Lifeline day service which is held in the Carmarthen office twice weekly.  He is doing this along with his daughter, Anwen.  They are hoping to raise money for some sensory equipment in order to improve the service provided.  If you would like to make a donation please contact the Carmarthen office on 01267 266911 or e-mail  Good luck Ceri and Anwen!


Do you have something that you would like to achieve that would inspire others to undertake an activity themselves?  Have you go any ideas for future challenges or have you already achieved something - please do get in touch.