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Cartrefi is getting into shape!


Shape Up for 2017 is an all-Wales health and wellbeing awareness campaign. We hope to inspire the people we support, our staff and if you are reading this...perhaps you too!  

Each month, we will be providing interesting articles, tips and signposting you to various health organisations, in a bid to support people and communities to think more positively about health and wellbeing.

If you are taking part in any activities, we would love to hear from you so that we can publicise what you do and encourage other people from your area to participate.   Meeting new people from your community and getting active can really help you feel happier and healthier. 

If you or someone you support would like to become part of our Shape Up to 2017 working group, please get in touch.


15th June 2017 -  lets talk gardening with John

Hi, its John again - My allotment is coming along nicely now, I have potataes, cabbage and broad beans growing well as you can see.  Runner bean plants are coming along nicely now too.  Earthing up the potato plants encourages extra growth and I've thinned out the smaller plants as its good to keep on top of any weeds to give your plants the best chance!


It has been quite dry and I use a moving spray attached to a hose to water all my veg but you can use a watering can too.  If you can, water early in the morning to reduce the chance of slug and snail damage, but don't water in bright sun as this can scorch your plants and a lot of the water will evaporate in the heat.  I don't have many problems with slugs and snails and I think this is because my plants grow in raised beds so it makes it harder for them to get over. 

John 2

All the frosts have gone now so it is ok to sow things like beans, courgettes and salad leaves direct in the ground.  Things like tomatoes and peppers are usually better in pots or grow bags - be careful they don't dry out! I grow mine in an open greenhouse to stop them getting too warm in the day.

This month's top tip - use a little soot it you can get it and spread it around the plants to keep pests off.

Living the dream 


My name is Judith and I would like to share with you how I lived out one of my lifelong dreams. 

One of my dreams has always been to do something for charity. Since some close family members lost their fights with cancer I knew this was the charity I wanted to raise money for.  After brain storming with staff I decided to do the Race for Life.  I researched online which course would be best for me. I decided on Bridgend 5k, sent off for a tee shirt and registration pack. When it arrived I got straight on to getting sponsors. When the day arrived I knew it would be a good one especially when the girls came in and dressed me up in a pink wig.  Thank heavens it wouldn't stay on my head so one of my dopey staff had to wear it "ha ha".  There was loads of women lined up on the start line ready when they announced that between us all in one day we helped to raise over £55,000.  Half way around the course my battery started to flash.  "Oh,no!" we thought but the girls got me round even after getting stuck in the mud.

It was one of the proudest moments driving my chair over that finish line.  The crowd where shouting and clapping, giving me encouragement.  Two women gave me flowers and the commentator acknowledged me and brought everyone's attention to me.  If I'm honest there wasn't a dry eye between us. I'm now excited and want to do more charity events.  I hope my story will inspire you to do something one day and I hope it's helped you realise nothing is ever impossible, so I will end with saying "go live your dreams!".