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10 excellent reasons to be a support worker with us

Working for Wales's leading social care provider is a rewarding and fulfilling career.   We support adults with learning disabilities. So lets us explain why we are different:

1. Not for Profit

Being a not for profit support provider with co-operative principles makes us different.  It means that any surplus we make is poured back into staff employment benefits, training and developing our staff to enable them to provide a quality service to the people we support, not big bonuses for bosses.


2. Happy Holidays

We pay our staff at least the National Living Wage, but we also have fantastic employee benefits like 33 days of annual leave a year, rising to 38 days after 5 years (inclusive of Bank Holiday allowance). That's 10 days more than many others offer.


3. Earn while you sleep

If you are asked to provide support at night, we make sure you are well recompensed. We pay £60 a night for each sleep-in and enhanced rates for a waking night.


4. No "rip-off zero hours" contracts

Our staff have guaranteed contracted hours each week. We only use zero hours contracts if it really works for both of us.


5. In Sickness and In Health

We look after our staff and make sure they have proper supervision and support. If you get sick, our company sickness scheme kicks in to give you financial support after just 12 months. We also have an Employee Assistance Programme to provide 24 hour advice and support if you need it.


6. Miles Better

Forget measly mileage rates - we pay a hefty 45p a mile.


7. Train for Success

We take our staff development seriously. When you work for us, you get opportunities to progress and develop yourself. And unlike some other companies, we pay you to attend. In fact, several of our senior managers and Directors started as administrators or support workers.


8. Plan for The Future

It's important to put money aside for retirement but it's not always easy to do that each month.  So we pay an additional 3% of your earnings into your pension pot to help you save for retirement. And its Tax free!


9. What You Do Really Does Count

Working for us is far more than just a job. You are valued by the people you support and their families.  

"Cartrefi's a good company to work for. I feel proud of what I do and I can see the difference I make every day"


10. No day is the same

Working with Cartrefi Cymru Cooperative, requires you to work in the home of the person you are supporting (not in a care home).  Much of what a support worker does depends very much on the person you are supporting, its individualised. Not only could you be supporting them with their daily needs, you have the opportunity to support them to achieve any goals and ambitions they how cool does that sound!

If you believe that having a sense of purpose in your work is important, you definitely want to be working for Cartrefi Cymru!

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