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Sessional support

Cartrefi Cymru supports people to lead fulfilled lives, at home and in the community.  For many people, this does not mean 24 hour care but much smaller amounts of flexible, targeted support.


We call this "sessional support". In so far as it involves providing personal care to people in their own homes, it is classed as "domiciliary care". We are therefore registered as a domiciliary care agency with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales.  However, sometimes there is no personal care required.  We prefer not to worry too much about labels, and if we can, we will provide whatever type of support people need to live the life they want.


This kind of support is popular with people who are living independently in their own house or flat, and who need a little support from time to time for all sorts of different reasons.

Anna and Damien 

Support tasks can include helping people with their money, domestic chores, personal care and good health, and also in combating isolation and ensuring people are not being exploited or bullied. 


Sessional support is also provided for many people with learning disabilities who are living in the family-carer home.  Sometimes this enables the carer to enjoy a short break but the support tasks can vary greatly to suit individual needs and outcomes.


Currently we are providing over 80 people with sessional support in different locations all over Wales, although numbers may vary from week to week as contracts expire or are implemented. 


Funding for sessional support services may be accessed from a variety of sources including  Local Authority, Health Services, Independent Living Fund, Supporting People Teams, and the person, or their families, themselves.  Direct payments may also be used to fund these services.  A number of these different sources may sometimes be combined in a single package. 


Whoever is funding the support, we also work in accordance with an agreed Support Plan and Individual Service Contract so that everybody knows what to expect, and what outcomes we are all trying to achieve. 

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Cartrefi Cymru supports people to lead fulfilled lives, at home and i...