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Learning disability support

Cartrefi Cymru was established in 1989 with a strong focus on supporting people with learning disabilities and their family carers in Wales.

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Although we are now providing services to people with a variety of disabilities and needs, it is still true today that the majority of our work is with people with learning disabilities, and probably always will be.

We're proud of our roots, and proud of our commitment and ability to do right by people with learning disabilities.

Despite the many advances that have been made in society over the last thirty years, the situation that people with learning disabilities face is still extremely worrying, and potentially could get worse.

We would not want to suggest that the pre-school and educational periods in the life of someone with a learning disability are all thoroughly satisfactory, but it is universally acknowledged that the level of funding and support available to adults when they leave the educational system drops massively.

On the positive side, there is a widespread view that adults with a learning disability deserve better than a life-time of living at home and attending a day-centre - or of being sent a way to an institution.

But on the worrying side, the level of investment in supported opportunities for people to access meaningful day-time activities or a home of their own is drying up, and stands nowhere near the level identified by the best research into needs.

People with learning disabilities are also subject to a range of prejudices which impact on the quality of everything from their healthcare to their safety in the community.

So there is still much for us to do. Cartrefi Cymru is committed to finding solutions wherever they exist, and to keep on going through good times and bad.


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