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Positive Behaviour Management Training

Positive Behaviour Management (PBM) is widely trained throughout the organisation and is endorsed by the British Institute for Learning Disabilities.  

We currently have 9 accredited Trainers - all of whom have undergone rigorous training with Bro Morgannwg Health Authority.

PBM aims to help both the people we support and staff to manage behaviours, which may limit opportunities to be part of the community and enjoy everyday relationships and activities.

PBM looks to do this in three main ways:

  • Develop strategies to minimise the harmful effects of challenging behaviour for the people we support, their staff and others around them;
  • Engage people in alternative behaviours and activities that bring positive, rewarding experiences and emotions;
  • Understand that good communication will reduce frustration, boredom and isolation - often a cause of "challenging behaviour".

The most important part of PBM training is the theory day.  A day is spent in the classroom learning about ourselves and our reactions to challenging behaviour, amongst other things.  Reactive (physical) intervention training is used to help the people we support and those around them stay safe in a crisis.

As one Learning Disability nurse said, "Cartrefi Cymru can be justifiably proud that the amount of reactive interventions has continued to decrease over the years due to good behaviour planning, positive risk management and increased staff knowledge and confidence in this area."


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