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Behaviour support

Cartrefi Cymru supports people to lead fulfilled lives, at home and in the community.  This applies to everyone, including people whose behaviour may be challenging.  Whatever anyone's needs are, we aim to ensure that everyone is respected, safeguarded and enabled.  Behaviour support

Behaviour that challenges is common amongst people with learning disabilities and people with autism.  Often the behaviour is of no great concern and there is no need for in-depth procedures for supporting the person.  But sometimes behaviour creates serious risks, not just to those around the person, but to the person themselves.  If behaviour like this is happening then we use a range of skills and techniques to help everyone manage the situation and, if possible, encourage the person to find more positive ways of expressing themselves.

It isn't always easy, and our support staff need to have the right attitudes and commitment, and be ready to cope with what can be frightening and upsetting behaviours from time to time.  They also need the best training, guidance and support from the whole company.

Cartrefi Cymru is committed to supporting people who challenge to the best of its ability, and with understanding and sensitivity.  As well as wanting to make sure everyone is as safe as possible, we also passionately want to protect people from the risk of being removed from their home and community.  We don't want any Welsh citizens ending up in a place like Winterbourne View.

We want to enhance people's potential for a fulfilled life in the community and we use positive and respectful techniques to help make this happen.  We have invested in developing our own team of PBM trainers and all of our staff who work with behaviour that may challenge are PBM trained.

We also work closely with families and others who really know the person, in order to make good use of their expertise and knowledge.

We do not oppress people by denying them their right to be themselves or to enjoy independence from service control.  We always assess and manage the risks in relation to behaviour in order to achieve the right balance between the risks to safety or social inclusion and the risks to individual liberty.

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