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Using gadgets to build independence

Assitive Tech picture from Annual Report

Mike has epilepsy and short term memory loss and this was affecting his confidence to go out on his own.  But he likes being independent and wanted to go out without staff always following him.  So Cartrefi helped Mike to look at some of the gadgets which are available to assist with independent living. 


The one that has proved to be ideal was called a Tracker Plus.  This is a little gadget that looks like a mobile phone.  Mike takes it with him when he goes out on his own.  If he ever needs assistance, he just presses the SOS button which alerts staff to his need and location.  After a few trial runs, Mike is now enjoying his new found confidence.


Why not give our ICT department a call, to discuss our range of Assistive Technology products which could help to improve your independence and reduce support costs.




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