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What people say about us


Short breaks

"The team there are so friendly and nice.  My son doesn't really like to go
away from home, but you mention the Cartrefi short breaks service and you see a positive reaction.  He is much more independent after he has been there.  He likes me to spoon feed him normally, but when he is away, he will have a go himself.  The staff encourage him to do it.

It's peace of mind. I wish he could go more often.  I don't worry about him whilst he's there. I would recommend Cartrefi Cymru whole heartedly."

Margaret Owen - Parent


Supported living

"I would like to thank you for the very positive support my daughter has received. We are very happy that she has settled so very well after so many years of worrying and wondering if she would ever find the right home for her.  Staff go out of their way to help us build relationships with her.  We feel really reassured, especially as we are getting older now.  We have seen how she has changed with the help of your staff. Our thanks to you all".

 Mrs C, Parent, Gwynedd



"Roger (support worker) participated in an Independent Living Fund review with *Peter Farnley (service user).  Roger treated him with respect and ensured he gave Peter space to process information and answer for himself.  Roger spoke positively and respectfully throughout, and was also very supportive to me in encouraging Peter to share information with me as a new Care Manager.  He also encouraged Peter to answer his own front door when I arrived, which is in line with all our philosophies of support."

Care Manager for Peter Farnley

"Just wanted to say how impressed I was with Laura's dealing with the recent unfortunate business relating to *Ruth Oldham's missing property.  Although she had been given false information and vague responses to her queries from various agencies, Laura maintained a persistent and professional approach at all times. More importantly, she made every effort to protect Ruth so as to minimise any stress/anxieties caused by the incident. 

Also, I would like to highlight my gratitude to both administrators (Sam and Jenny) as they were at the end of the phone assisting us with information on the day we managed to get the property back, so a big thank you to them!"

Care Manager for *Ruth Oldham



* Names have been changed to respect confidentilaity.

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