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We're backing Wales

We're Backing Wales 

  • We support the Welsh Government in the review and regeneration of policy, procedures, and guidance in relation to social care and housing related support. 


  • We provide statistical information to the Welsh Government about our client groups and their needs, helping to reshape and modernise the current care sector.


  • We play an active part in campaigning for the rights and freedom of people with care and support needs in Wales. Our CEO, Adrian Roper is the Chair of Learning Disability Wales, and is actively involved in lobbying to see an end to the commissioning of services from anti-community institutions like Winterbourne View.


  • We are a 'not-for-profit' support provider.  Any surplus income is all put back into helping people with support needs in Wales.


  • We bridge the gap between the political establishment and some 'hard to reach' sections of Welsh society.  We assist people with a learning disability to understand local and national government initiatives, and to put forward their views to the Welsh Government.  We encourage voting and participation in Welsh affairs (but of course without political bias).


  • We are committed to Welsh values and aspirations based on social inclusion. We believe this helps people who may be marginalised to build social links and connect with the wider resources of their community. This in turn can reduce pressure on the Welsh public purse by enabling people to support each other. 


  • We actively encourage and support the Welsh agenda of collaboration and co-operation between agencies, nationally, regionally and within local communities.  We are active members of Network 3, hosted by WCVA, and of local County Voluntary Councils across Wales.


  • We are not just a support provider.  We're an economic contributor.  Over 5 years, we have spent a total of £9m with Wales based suppliers.


  • We are the third largest charity in Wales and we provide employment to 1,000 people in Wales (0.03% of the population).


  • We only provide services to people in Wales and all our offices and staff at every level are based in Wales.


  • We offer quality respite and short stay facilities, bringing a well deserved break to help maintain wellbeing and peace of mind to hundreds of carers and families.


  • We deliver tailor made training throughout Wales in collaboration with other organisations to ensure required quality standards are delivered.


  • We host the Connecting Learners project (a partnership with Unison) to promote Basic Skills to the social care sector in north and mid Wales.


  • We are an accredited Learning Centre that delivers a range of qualifications to our own staff and other agencies in Wales.


  • We have invested in an ICT network that unites all our services across Wales. We also have video-conference facilities between Bangor, Llandrindod and Cardiff and often share these facilities to help bridge the divide between agencies and the regions of Wales.


  • We offer advice and assistance with the installation of assistive technology to promote independence and reduce the need for more costly support options.


  • We consistently strive to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing and purchasing from local suppliers.


  • We provide hints and tips on how to save money and improve the environment at home and in the office, actively encouraging our staff and service users to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


  • By providing values-based training for our staff and others, we promote positive attitudes in Wales towards older people and people with a disability.


  • We have a genuine commitment to bilingualism, and fully recognise that providing support to people in their preferred language is the mark of a quality care service in Wales.


We love Wales.

We exist to serve the people of Wales.

We all live in Wales.

We are a Welsh company - and proud of it.

We're backing Wales!

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