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Toni James is enjoying her independence


Toni James Image 2

Hi my name is Toni, I have lived with my mother for 29 years.  Last year my mother became ill.  Before I moved into supported living, I used to have everything done for me. Last year my mother became ill. 

I never did any cleaning or got involved with any household tasks and my mother had control of my finances.

I am able to  participate in hoovering, dusting, changing my bed sheets, doing my own laundry, preparing my own meals and cleaning away the dishes.  I am now also responsible for  my finances and currently learning to budget.  We have monthly meetings where we agree on the day to day running of our home.

In the past, every time I wanted to go out, I have always required a taxi which can accommodate my wheelchair but staff have supported me to budget so that I can have a mobility car which has given me so much more independence.

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