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Stephen's Flight Story

As part of my Active Support programme, which I helped to make with my support team, I now set myself goals and give myself rewards when I achieve them.  This time, my reward was to go in a light aircraft flight around Snowdon.

When the big day arrived, the weather was great and I was incrediably excited to be driving to Caernarfon Airport with my support worker, Allan.

Stephen Williams infront of plane


We met out pilot, Daniel and he said that the weather over Snowdon was very cloudy and we wouldn't see anything but that the weather would clear up in the afternoon so would I like to come back then? "Nooo!" He also said that we could fly up the Menai Straits to Bangor, going past Caernarfon and see the two Bridges over the Menai Straits, "Yes!"

Stephen Williams Snowdon

Daniel let me sit up front next to him and Allan had to sit in the back. 

We took off and flew over Caernarfon Castle, Llyn Peris and Bethesda Quarry and the on to the Bridges at Bangor.  Daniel also let me take control of the plane and fly it for a bit, but wouldn't let me land it.  I wanted to take lots of photos but I had to fly the plane so Allan took some instead.  The whole flights was fantastic and the landing felt very fast.

After we landed, we went around the museum at Caernarfon Airport and had a snack and cups of tea in the cafe, it was a brilliant way to finish the day.

By Stephen Williams

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