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Getting Older by Colin Richards

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Feeling the effects of age will come to us all at one stage in our life, but with the help of Cartrefi, and First Choice Housing, Colin has overcome these challenges and now has his independence back to enjoy once more.

'Hi I'm Colin, I am 77 years old and until about six or seven months ago I was really fit and mobile, but as you get older, so do your legs and consequently, I lost the use of my legs.

My support staff tried their best to keep my legs working. I had physiotherapy, massage, even a walking frame to lean on but nothing seemed to work.

It came to a point where I did not want to leave my room for months on end but support staff at Cartrefi did not give up on me, they were my advocates and discussions were held with First Choice Housing Association to find a solution to my problem.

Well happily, it has been decided that a lift is to be installed into my home to enable me to access the outside world again. I can't tell you how happy I felt when staff told me. I am to have a two week holiday in the country whilst the work is being done, so that is great.

Throughout the months of not going out, staff have worked hard to look out for my well being, as you can become very sad just being in your room. I have some great DVD's which I enjoy watching, some new sensory items, which were bought to stimulate me and musical instruments that staff and myself play and have a good sing song with; they call it therapy... I call it hilarious as we all have a good laugh! Anyway, I am looking forward to the lift being completed. I will be able to go out in my car again, then life will go back to normal, except now I will be using a wheel chair but hey, at my age, that's OK.'

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