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Respect Safeguard Enable


We RESPECT you by:

  • the way we talk with you and about you.
  • recognising your right to privacy and dignity.
  • recognising your right to make choices and be yourself.
  • recognising your individuality and unique gifts.
  • wanting what is best for you, just as we would want what is best for ourselves or our families.


We SAFEGUARD you by:

  • being alert to the possibility of abuse.
  • doing our part to ensure you are not neglected physically or emotionally.
  • being alert to the dangers of accidents at home or in the street.
  • helping you to understand risks and to make informed decisions.
  • supporting people to be part of a network of friends and family.


We ENABLE you by:

  • believing in your potential and having positive expectations.
  • creating opportunities for you to gain new experiences, learn new skills, or re-learn old skills.
  • developing our own ability to pass on skills to you.
  • having the patience, and respect, to stand back and let you do things for yourself.
  • helping you feel good about things you have achieved.

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