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Our values

Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative is a person-centred support provider. That means we always put the people we support at the centre of their support plans and decisions. Our purpose is to enable the people we support to have a good life. Our three key action-words are Respect, Safeguard and Enable. It is about doing what matters, respecting people's rights and maximising their ability to make their own choices and decisions, and to hold us to account. We also fully understand that people rarely enjoy a good life without valued social roles. So for us, being person-centred also means being relationship-centred.

Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative is a Welsh national company with strong local roots. That means we take seriously our responsibilities as a significant force for good, nationally and locally. We understand that the people we support are not best served by a life of isolation, and that we alone cannot create healthy local communities. That's why we are committed to partnership working, and why we work hard in support of community participation and the development of networks of support and friendship. In fact, strengthening communities is a central mission of our local co-op forums.

Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder co-operative and a charity. The seven international principles of Co-operation are written into our legal constitution. Membership is open to the people we support, our employees, and our community supporters. We have democratic structures to give members a strong voice and real control. All members are required to contribute and are valued as assets. We promote self-help and independence. We believe in the value of learning and invest continually in education for ourselves and others. We are active in promoting co-operation between co-ops, and collaboration across the third and public sectors. And of course we are fundamentally concerned for our communities. Becoming a co-op has strengthened us in all these ways. Retaining our charitable status also ensures that our priority is always the people we support.

Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative is a people-oriented employer. That means we are continually striving to have the most motivated, creative and productive workforce possible. It is our support staff and their closely supporting managers who actually deliver our support services. Without their commitment and high-performing abilities we cannot provide high quality support. That's why we work hard to recruit and retain the right people, and why we invest as much as we can in providing the best possible training, management support and conditions of employment. As a multi-stakeholder co-operative, we are delighted to be able to offer employees the opportunity to shape the company's policies and direction as voting members and as local activists.

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